About Our CBD Oil


Key Product Features:

2000mg High-Quality Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

30mL - 1oz Per Bottle - 30 Servings Per Container

Made With All-Natural Ingredients, Including MCT Oil And Vitamin E

Made In An FDA And NSF Registered Facility

Made In A US Hemp Authority Certified Facility

GMP Certified And Independent Lab Certified - State-Compliant

Non-Sedative - Non-GMO - No Artificial Flavoring


The Serving Size is 1 ml. Each dropper holds 1ml of liquid. Dropper Use: Gently squeeze the rubber end of dropper and release while still in the bottle. The dropper should be almost full, which indicates a full serving. Note that the oil might not fill the entire dropper for one dose. Drop either directly into your mouth or sublingually (under the tongue).


Medium-Chain Triglyceride - MCT Oil (Coconut Derived), Cannabidiol (CBD), Chamomile and Melatonin. Every Coastline Farms CBD Oil is made in a U.S. Hemp Authority Facility and are third-party tested.


During the checkout process, you will be given the complete terms of your purchase. Included in the terms is your clear understanding that the products purchased contain CBD (cannabidiol) from hemp oil. These products have not been evaluated by the FDA. We are committed to complete compliance with FDA regulations and, as such, because these products have not been evaluated by the FDA, we make no claims as to any extra benefits for products containing CBD (cannabidiol). If you decide to purchase our products, you are drawing your own opinions as to any additional benefits or use these products may provide. All Coastline Farms CBD products may be returned within 30-days of the delivery date for a full refund, excluding any shipping charges. 

Your acceptance of the terms of purchase means you agree to and understand the refund policy. 

Certificates Of Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is CBD?

CBD Stands For Cannabidiol, Acompound Extracted From Cannabis Plants, And The Main Compound Found In Thehemp Plant. Unlike THC Within Marijuana Plants, CBD Is Not Psychoactive, So Itdoes Not Change A Person's State Of Mind When They Use It.

How Do I Take CBD Oil?

Unscrew The Top And Use The Attached Dropper To Retrieve The CBD Oil Out Of The Bottle.

For The Fullest Absorption, We Highly Recommend That You Hold Your CBD Oil Under Your Tongue For 30 Seconds Before Swallowing. You Have Plentiful Blood Vessels Under Your Tongue And The CBD Will Get Soaked Right In! 

Dropper Use: Gently Squeeze The Rubber End Of Dropper And Release While Still In The Bottle. The Dropper Should Be Almost Full, Which Indicates A Full Serving. Note That The Oil Will Might Not Fill The Entire Dropper For One Dose. Drop Either Directly Into Your Mouth Sublingually (Under The Tongue).

How Long Does It Take For CBD To Work In My Body?

Every Person’s Body Is Unique. Depending On How Your Body Processes CBD, Will Determine How Long It Takes For You To Feel Its Effects. 

How Are CBD Oils & CBD Tinctures Different? - What Exactly Is The Difference?

So, They Sound Similar, But What’s The Difference? To Put It Shortly, CBD Tinctures Are A CBD Solution With An Alcohol Base, While CBD Oil Is A CBD Solution With A Carrier Oil As A Base, Like MCT (Coconut Oil) Or Hemp Seed Oil. Here At Coastline Farms, We MCT As Our Carrier Oil.

Can I Take Too Much CBD?

For Some, Taking Too Much CBD Can Make Them Feel Very Relaxed. But For The Most Part, Just Like With Vitamins, If You Take Too Much, Your Body Eliminates It Through Waste. 

Does CBD Get Me High?

No, CBD Does Not Get You High. CBD Does Not Contain The Psychoactive Substance THC, So It Is Not Possible To Get High From CBD Oil. Some Users Report Feeling Calmer And More Relaxed From CBD Products, But This Is Not The
Same As The “High” Experienced With THC.