WHO (are we?)

Coastline Farms CBD was and will always be built with real people in mind. It all started when our Founder began searching for a way to help a close family member—who struggles with sleep deprivation and insomnia—sleep better and longer.

Coming to the realization that almost everyone struggles with falling asleep, staying asleep, and/or feeling groggy in the morning, Coastline’s Founder decided that he wanted to help his close family member and the many people who deal with sleep, anxiety, and pain issues around the world. He also knew that the only products he would give his family had to be non-synthetic and safe to use every day/night.

At the beginning of his research, our Founder discovered that there were very few natural, holistic, and safe sleep-aids. The only promising product on the market was CBD, or cannabidiol, —the non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant. However, after testing many different strains, our Founder wasn’t able to find any CBD products on the market that were actually effective.

With the desire to help his family and people everywhere who struggle with sleep and anxiety, our Founder became determined to create his own line of CBD products. Thus, Coastline Farms CBD was born; their mission being to help real people find real products to gain real results.

WHAT (is Coastline Farms CBD?)

Once our Founder came to the realization that helping people directly through CBD was his passion, he got to work. With countless months of research and tests, our Founder created a custom formula that helps people with their sleep problems, not to mention Coastline Farms CBD also helps with chronic and/or extreme pain.

Coastline Farms CBD Oil is a non-sedative tincture, formulated to promote a peaceful night sleep that won’t make you groggy the next day. Even if you were to wake up in the middle of the night, with our CBD, you are able to go right back to sleep. Our natural CBD also helps people who naturally deal with stress and anxiety and is a great alternative to marijuana and prescription medication. Coastline Farms CBD allows you to function normally and stress-free without any harmful side-effects.

WHEN (did we start?)

Our Founder was in the CBD industry for two years prior to starting his own business in 2020, but he felt unsatisfied with what he was seeing and decided to create his own product. He put in countless months of research and didn’t skip any steps in the process, creating the perfect product for consumers.

Our Founder never skimps on the details and knowing he’ll be supplying the people he loves and cares about with his product, his main concern is for the consumer’s health, recovery, and overall well-being. He wants everyone to experience all that CBD has to offer, and to understand what a game-changer it is. He knows, from experience, how beneficial CBD is and it’s only getting more and more popular with the possibility of helping people lower, or even get off, their medication. However, there is still so much room for the CBD industry to grow, both in the US and internationally.

WHERE (are we located?)

Coastline Farms CBD is located on the coast of Malibu in Southern California and is how the name came to be.


Starting out, Coastline’s Founder worried that the CBD industry was too saturated. However, the further he explored the industry, the more he realized CBD’s endless possibilities.

On a personal note, our Founder says that, “CBD is the only thing that has helped relieve [his] stress and insomnia, making [him] functional throughout the day without medication. Additionally, through trial and error, we have helped people in their 50s taper off ambien by simply giving them Coastline Farms’ Night Sky CBD Oil.” There are so many companies out there that don’t produce their products with real people in mind. Thankfully, we do CBD the right way.

CBD is a much better alternative to taking medication to go to bed or relieve stress, but there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding CBD as it comes from the same plant as marijuana. Many people say they can’t feel CBD or worry that it might make them feel high, but they just haven’t tried the right product.

HOW (do we do it?)

Working with a wonderful team, we have sourced the very best local and all-natural ingredients. Every aspect, from the bottle and dropper to the ingredients, is made in the US. Not to mention, we’re one of the only FDA-registered and NSF-approved facilities, using locally-sourced ingredients made in the USA. Really.