Meet The Founder, Spencer.

Located on the coast of Malibu, Coastline Farms CBD started when the Founder began searching for ways to help his family and people everywhere who struggle with sleep and anxiety. Coastline’s founder discovered that CBD was the solution and became determined to create his own line of CBD products. Thus, Coastline Farms CBD was born. Our mission is to help real people find real products to gain real results.

We are using one of the only FDA-registered and NSF-approved facilities for all of our products. Not to mention, every aspect from our locally-sourced ingredients to the materials we use are made in the USA. Really.

Why Coastline Farms CBD

Coastline Farms CBD was built with one sole purpose and that is to give consumers a CBD product that actually works, is healthy and benefits their life, and aids them in getting off medication, sleep-aids, and all other substances that may be negatively contributing to their overall health. We want to help improve the lives of people who are struggling with sleep, anxiety, and pain as well as those who have been using CBD oils that are made using artificial and unhealthy ingredients.

Our Values


The number one most important thing to us is to be open and transparent with our customers, which is why we have included all of our lab results on our website. These COAs give consumers insight into exactly what they are putting in their body.



We take immense pride in working with one of the only FDA and MSF registered facilities. None of our products include any artificial ingredients, so you can be assured that everything going into your body is natural and safe to consume daily. We use the highest quality ingredients to create our products and all the bits and pieces are top-notch. We worked to bring you one of the most pure, natural supplements to help with a wide-range of ailments.



Everything we sell is locally-sourced in the US, and we only use the highest quality products to create our CBD oil. At every possible opportunity we try to work with small businesses, supporting them and helping them grow. Eventually, we hope to build long-term relationships with local, small businesses rather than using conglomerates. Our sustainable approach emphasizes our unwavering appreciation of our surroundings and the importance of staying local.



Coastline Farms CBD’s foundation is built on helping family, loved ones, and people you care about sustain a healthy lifestyle. Our customers always come first and we value building a company that is here to help you. We genuinely value helping people by creating natural products that result in natural benefits. Our goal is to help people reduce their use of medications and artificial products, so that they can use nothing but all natural and healthy products that still work, helping them maintain a better lifestyle. Our values really emphasize the health of the consumer and it is our priority to make sure our products are both effective and good for you.